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zipspeak and emacspeak

I used both emacspeak and speakup together for a while before moving to a
Debian installation.  I used the regular zipspeak boot (typing linux) for
speakup and I rebooted typing linuxns (linux no speech) and then logging
in without speech and typing emacspeak to use emacspeak.  You might be
able to set things up so you don't have to reboot if you use a software
synthesizer for emacspeak but I never tried that.  By the way, I am
presently using both emacspeak and speakup on my debian installation with
lilo set up so I can boot to one or the other.
I am inserting from a previous explanation to somebody what packages I
installed on zipspeak to get emacspeak to work.

Packages are specific to slackware/zipspeak7.1 and I am
using doubletalk-lt.  It may not be necessary to install all of these
packages, but it will work with all of these installed.
from the e1 package of slackware 7.1 install all of the .tgz
items; elisp.tgz doesn't have to be installed and I haven't, but it's
recommended if you have space.  So from e1 you should have: elisp.tgz
(optional), emac_nox.tgz, emacsbin.tgz, emacinfo.tgz, emacleim.tgz, and
emacmisc.tgz.  I'm not sure if you need both emacnox.tgz and emacsbin.tgz
but I have them both and it's fine.

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