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Re: Emacsspeak on Zipspeak


I haven't personally used ZipSpeak and Emacspeak together, but I kept
Emacspeak users in mind when creating ZipSpeak; and I know someone who use
the two successfully for a short time before moving on to a full Linux

You must at least install the emacsbin.tgz and xbin.tgz packages in order
to run Emacs.  It's also a good idea to install the emacinfo.tgz and
emacmisc.tgz packages.  You can get the Emacs packages from:


And you can get the xbin.tgz package at:


I have created Slackware packages of Emacspeak and emacspeak-ss which you
can get at:


You will need them both.  Once you've installed them, you can run Jim Van
Zandt's emacspeakconfig utility (which I added to the emacspeak-ss
package) to configure Emacspeak for your synthesizer.

When you want to use Emacspeak, you need to start ZipSpeak using a kernel
that doesn't include Speakup.  If you start ZipSpeak from a DOS prompt,
you can do this using the linuxns.bat file, which you edit for your setup
just as you edited the linux.bat file.  If you start ZipSpeak using a boot
disk, you can create a non-Speakup boot disk using the bootdisk.ns image

Matt Campbell
Web site:  http://www.pobox.com/~mattcampbell/
ICQ #:  33005941

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