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From a total neophite


First of all, I would like to apologize for the basic level of my
questions. I've doing a lot of surfing, but still have so many unanswered

1. We are interested at University of Costa Rica , School of Mathematics,
in a project to make math texts and courses available to blind students.
We are aware of the Aster capability for reading LaTeX and hence, I think
this should be our choice.

2. The National Association for the Blind has a computer lab eqquipped
with 5 PC's running JAWS. And that is it! At the university there are no
facilities at this point. My suggestion would be to install Emacspeak at
the university. However, I am not sure what the minimal requirements
should be. There are two possible scenarios: a) Get a computer running
under Linux. or b) Use Windows.

My bigger questions are: Besides a copy of Emaspeak 11, what else do we
need to start? It is necesary to buy a DeCtalk synthetizer? Is there
another way to get Emacspeak running? What about ViaVoice, is it an
alternative solution? 

Anyway, I would really appreciate your suggestions on how to get the least
expensive set up, since funding is big issue in my country.

Thanks a lot!!

Sonia Rodriguez
Universidad de Costa Rica 

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