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display tables

Doing what you're trying with the display table at present
is not possible 
--you may want to try using the pronunciation dictionaries
and see what mileage you get.

In general I've not spent much time on  the display table
stuff because it's 
completely undefined and unpredictable as to what different
TTS engines will do if you send them characters above 127.

The reason C-e c does not use hte display table by default
is that many TTS engines --specifically the Dectalk-- have
been known to crash 
if you sent them the octal value under certain situations 
--which is why C-e c does the fail-safe thing of sending
only ascii strings out.

>>>>> "Ben" == Ben van Poppel <benny@netspace.net.au> writes:

    Ben> If I recall, there was a similar post to this a
    Ben> while back but I wasn't able to locate it in the
    Ben> archive.

    Ben> At the moment when I read text with chars in it
    Ben> above ascii 127, I have to resort to either
    Ben> remembering the octal values of the chars that are
    Ben> likely to appear in the document (a tall order for
    Ben> Russian texts) or use c-e cap-c to get the name of
    Ben> the char if the document is in plain ascii. I
    Ben> suppose my questions are these: * Why is there both
    Ben> a speak-char and a speak-display-char function?  *
    Ben> Is there an elegant way of getting movement
    Ben> commands to speak ascii chars above 127 using the
    Ben> display table rather than hacking the functions
    Ben> directly?

    Ben> Thanks in advance.

    Ben> Ben

    Ben> -- "Verdhi thoka Og verdhi skri'pi Og undr o"llum
    Ben> theim Er eftir the'r saekja."

    Ben> (Svanur, the Saga of Burnt-Njal)

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