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Re: w3 on emacs-21

Koichi INOUE <inoue@argv.org> writes:

> Hi,
> I now using Emacs-21.0.91, a pretest version of emacs-21, includes
> eshell, calculator, e.t.c.
> I don't use emacspeak usually but it might be a big problem that
> Emacs/w3 does not work on Emacs-21.
I didn't try it myself yet, but according to the emacs maintainer,
Emacs/W3 does run under Emacs-21.
He told me you just have to:

- Separately install the url package.

Configure emacs-w3 with:

and it should work.

   Mario <mlang@delysid.org>
Homepage(s): http://delysid.org | http://piss.at/

I'm sure that that could be indented more readably, but I'm scared of
the awk parser.
             -- Larry Wall in <6849@jpl-devvax.JPL.NASA.GOV>

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