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w3 on emacs-21


I now using Emacs-21.0.91, a pretest version of emacs-21, includes
eshell, calculator, e.t.c.
I don't use emacspeak usually but it might be a big problem that
Emacs/w3 does not work on Emacs-21.
It lacks w3-e21.el so I faked it from w3-e20.el, but other problem is
lying around font-related display mechanisms.
If Emacs/w3 is a growing application I would wait it developped and
run in Emacs-21 again. But Emacs/w3 has had no release for past 1 or
more years, and Emacs/w3 is the only way to browse WEB with Emacs and
Emacspeak, it may be a serious problem.
Does anyone know current status of Emacs/w3 (whether it is living or
Can I expect it to run in newer Emacsen again?
Or I must sit in Emacs-20 forever to use Emacspeak and Emacs/w3?

As it is a free software, we can manage it to work by hand and share
it. But Emacs/w3 looks a huge application and it needs large amount of
knowledge to solve any problem it would get across.


                    Koichi Inoue, ARGV
                    E-Mail: inoue@argv.org
                    ICQ UIN: 74900690

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