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RE: Remote emacspeak: no rsh?

lots of questions!

I do use remote emacspeak over ssh so perhaps I can help.

Lets take it one step at a time.  First lets get ssh so that the
remote machine can log into the local machine without giving a

You say that you ran the ssh-keygen and created the identity and
identity.pub file, but I an not sure from your description that you
have that set up correctly.

You are trying to prove to your local machine that the remote machine
has permission to log in withought giving a password.  So you need to
run the ssh-keygen on the remote machine and then take the
identity.pub that was created and appended it to (or create a new file
called autherized_keys in your .ssh directory.  Have a look at the
name at the end of the line in that file.  It may be that you need to
add the domain part of the name to it, or replace the name with the ip
address of the remote machine.

At this point, if your local machine is looking for RSA in addition to
.shosts then you should be able to log in from the remote machine to
the local machine.

If this is still not working, check the permissions on your .shosts
and your .ssh directory.  Information on the correct setting are in
the ssh or sshd man page.

Let me know  if this helps or not.  We can work on the next steps
once this step is done.


 Greg Priest-Dorman

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