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Remote emacspeak: no rsh?

I'm trying to do some sysadmin work on a box which I have a remote
account on. I'd like to run an emacspeak on the box, but I'm
running into some issues.

First, neither my box nor the remote box uses RSH. We both use SSH
instead. I just editted the remote-tcl and replaced rsh with ssh; this
shouldn't cause a problem, should it?

I then tried to set up a .rhosts/.shosts on my local box. Regardless
of what I tried, though, I'm always prompted for a password when I ssh
into my local box. I followed the directions in the SSH readmes by
making a knownhosts/<hostkey>.pub with the required filename, but this
didn't work. I think part of the problem is that reverse DNS for the
remote box doesn't resolve to a domain name. I added an alias to
/etc/hosts, hoping to refer to the IP by name, but that didn't seem to
work either. I'm always prompted for a password. Has anyone
successfully gotten remote-tcl working with ssh (or ssh2, to be more

And finally, is there a more secure solution? I really don't want to
muck with .shosts/.rhosts; is there another remote solution which
might work?

And, one final question. I'm a bit confused about what needs to be
done on the remote machine to get things working. Do I set
DTK_PROGRAM/PORT there, or should I set them locally, thus allowing
the spawning ssh to start the server? Is DTK_TCL the only variable
which needs to be set remotely?


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