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w3c or Lynx?


I am very much a newby, and a friend is helping me set up this operating
system.  Although he is an accomplished Linux user, he is not sure whether
wec or the Lynx browser Will work better with speech.

I am using the DeckTalk Express, but have a rather limited computer.  It is
a 486, 66 mhz with only 16 mb ram.  However it is doing very well so far.
I am running the  Red Hat 6.2 version but do not know which version Emacs
or Emacspeak is installed on the computer.  My friend said that he
downloaded the latest versions he could find.

My question is:  with my type of equipment and software, would w3c or Lynx
be more compatible with my system?

Are there any specific problems we should be aware of in installing the
browser and where can I  find a good documentation for installing and using
it.  I have run a search on the net for both and have found the results to
be over whelming.  So if someone out there has some recommendations for
either or both of these programs and where i could get good documentation,
I would be very grateful.!

Many thanks for any assistance you can give me with these matters!

Ed Thurston

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