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loading w3c


Apparently I am using current versions of Emacspeak, Emacs and w3c, but do
not have exact version numbers since someone else installed them for me and
I do not have that info.  I am using Red Hat version 6.0. My operating
system is a 486 cpu, 66 mhz with 16 mb ram.  I am using the Dectalk Express

My problem is that Although w3c is install, it will not load.

I have done m-x w3c and also m-x w3 from the command line prompt.  Also I
have tried w3c from the shell and the only thing I get for this latter
effort is some on line help options.  As I don't think I am knowledgeable
enough at this time to go on line, I only want to check out the browser and
learn some of its basic operating commands before venturing on line.  

 I would certainly appreciate any assistance anyone can give me in bringing
it up.  

Many thanks,

Ed Thurston

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