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command history

check the mail archives --I already answered this --just
load completion first for now.
>>>>> "James" == James R Van Zandt <jrv@vanzandt.mv.com> writes:

    James> Raman -

    James> I confirm the problem Bart reports below, both in
    James> the Debian package and when installed from the
    James> source package: using command history generates
    James> an error message.  For example,

    James>   M-x shell-command date M-x shell-command M-p

    James> emacs beeps and briefly displays the message
    James> "Symbol's function definition is void:
    James> minibuffer-window-selected-p" It then displays
    James> the previous entry of the minibuffer history.
    James> However, that entry is not spoken.

    James> 	      - Jim Van Zandt

    James> ------- Start of forwarded message ------- From:
    James> bart bunting <bart@urnet.com.au> Content-Type:
    James> text/plain; charset=us-ascii Date: Mon, 18 Dec
    James> 2000 22:58:10 +1100 To: "James R. Van Zandt"
    James> <jrv@vanzandt.mv.com> Subject: Re: Debian package
    James> emacspeak_13.0-1.deb In-Reply-To:
    James> <m144uY7-0006GiC@vanzandt.mv.com> Sender: bart
    James> bunting <bart@zing.urnet.com.au>

    James> James R. Van Zandt writes:
    >>  Bart -
    >> I see no problem with the links on my website.  Which
    >> one seemed to be broken?  Maybe it was some temporary
    >> synchronization thing.
    James> possibly, got it from the debian archive anyway.

    >>  I would like to use debconf for emacspeak, and would
    >> appreciate help in setting it up.  Would you want to
    >> draft some code and send it over?

    James> sure,

    James> may take a little bit but i'll get round to it in
    James> the next two weeks or so.

    James> on another note there appear to be two problems
    James> with the debs.  i haven't had time to check this
    James> out in detail so i'm emailing you rather than
    James> posting a bug report.

    James> the emacspeak version is 12.6600 or so

    James> there appears to be a problem with using the
    James> history with m-p etc

    James> the error in the messages buffer is Symbol's
    James> function definition is void:
    James> minibuffer-window-selected-p

    James> i don't beleive the problem is with my
    James> installation but i can't be 100% sure.  if you
    James> can't reproduce it let me know.

    James> Bart ------- End of forwarded message -------

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Best Regards,

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