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emacspeak + viavoice + low end Pentium tuning

Hi folks,

Finaly got around to doing something that should have been obvious.
Using irqtune (http://www.best.com/~cae/irqtune/) which came in with
the hwtools debian package I raised changed the priority of my sound
card and ViaVoice no longer skips, pops or drops out (so far)!

It was not difficult to do, irqtune can be run from inside an emacs
shell.  It will tell you what the irq of each divice on your machine
is and then you can tell it what to make high prioity.  Once you have
a conguration you like you can put it in a start up script (or if you
use debian you add your paramiters to the supplied start up script
/etc/init.d/hwtools and uncommnet the irqtune line ) and you are done.

A simple task that in my case greatly improves software speech. 

 Greg Priest-Dorman

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