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Sychronising with the speech server.

Briefly, I want to hack a function that would allow me use
emacspeak to speak a whole buffer, and capture this
speech into a file. (The motivation is that I can then dump this
speech onto an audio CD-RW which - sometimes - is another handy
way of listening to stuff.)

My simplistic plan was to start an asynchronous "rec" process,
run emacspeak-speak-buffer, then kill the rec buffer.

This doesn't work; as far as I can see this is because
emacs-speak-buffer just pushes all the text over to the speech
server - which is also running asynchronously - and then returns;
so the recording gets killed more or less immediately.

So what I "really" want is a synchronous, or blocking, version of

Browsing the list archives, I found a thread from circa Oct 1999,
with subject "Read-whole-buffer command and cursor" that seemed
to discuss the same issue, albeit with a different application in


The conclusion seems to be that the current emacspeak
architecture is just not going to allow me do what I want: but I
thought I would just ask to be sure.  Assume that "all" I want is
some handshake mechanism (which can be based on polling if
necessary) which would allow me detect when the speech server has
finished processing all text which has been sent to it: is there
any way to attain this at all?

Many thanks,

- Barry.

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