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Re: Listing outside of emacspeak WAS:Sychronising with the speechserver.

Hi Greg -

Thanks for the detailed response.

On Fri, 19 Jan 2001, Greg E. Priest-Dorman wrote:

> The simplest way to go to tape is with the cmdlinespeakfile program
> that comes with the ViaVoiceTTS distribution [...]

Yes - I will probably go that route; the reason for using
emacspeak was that the files in question are typically HTML, and
emacspeak+W3 was already handling that translation from plain
text quite nicely.  But I guess (???) I can take the text version
of a w3 buffer and pipe it into cmdlinespeakfile ... or
something.  I'll figure it out.  I had a more complex idea in
mind too - which was to write a small emacs function that would
sequentially follow a set of URLs, and generate a sound file of
each one.  But again, if I can get the (synchronised!) recording
of one html buffer sorted, this should be straightforward.

> Alternativly you can accomplish what you are trying to do with
> festival.  There is a script that comes with the festival distribution
> called text2wave. [...]

OK, great - I knew this should be possible in principle but had
not reached the stage of trying it in practice.  Thanks for the tip.

> I have never taken the step of recording an audio cd from this wave
> file.  I would guess that you might need to convert the 16000kHz mono
> into something else.  (44000kHz stereo?) Sox will most likly be able
> to help you here. [...]

Yes, and yes - I actually have that all working fine already.  It
is just the need to manually start/stop the recording that is a problem.

Thanks again,

- Barry.

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