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Announce: Speechd

We would like to announce the new project, which is a part of free-b-software
project. Free-b-software is intended to make free software which would help
visually impaired people to work with computers and to use the Internet.

Free-b-software is the common project of: Foundation for the Blind
(http://www.brailcom.cz/fond/fond.html), Brailcom
o.p.s. (http://www.brailcom.cz/EN/) and Czech Free Software Foundation

Our new project is called speechd and it is intended to provide a device
independent layer for speech synthesis. It should have a simple interface
for client applications (applications, that want to speak) as well as for
device driver modules (for particular speech synthesis).

Anyone, who would like to cooperate is welcome. We need any ideas or comments
of people interested in this problem. If you can for example provide a
specification of any speech synthesis device, which might be used with
speechd, you are welcome. If you are able to write a module for such a
device, you are always welcome. But the first goal is to design a good API for
output modules and application protocol.

Of course, this is a non-commercial activity and we search for the companies
and people who would like support us any way.

For more information about speechd project, please visit it's homepage 
at http://freebsoft.freesoft.cz/projects/speechd


Jan Buchal
Tel: (00420 2) 24921679

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