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>>>>> "Mario" == Mario Lang <mlang@home.delysid.org> writes:

    Mario> Hi.  Does anyone know why above mentioned
    Mario> function (w3-table-focus-on-this-cell) does not
    Mario> work as described in the documentation?
Possibly due to an older version of that function
It needs  a 
call at the end --see version below.
Replace  the attached function in your w3-speak-table.el
    Mario> --or get the fixed version from cvs --was checked
    Mario> in a long time ago I think.

(defun w3-table-focus-on-this-cell (&optional at-depth)
  "Focus on current cell --optional argument at-depth
specifies nesting level. Focusing on a cell results in its
contents being displayed in a separate buffer in W3 mode.
This is useful to navigate pages that use a single table
cell for a newspaper style column"
  (interactive "p")
  (let ((contents (w3-table-this-cell-contents at-depth))
        (buffer (get-buffer-create
                 (format "Cell-%s" (buffer-name))))
        (inhibit-read-only t))
      (set-buffer buffer)
      (insert contents)
      (goto-char (point-min))
    (switch-to-buffer buffer)))
    Mario> According to the documentation, it should be able
    Mario> to use C-f and have a valid w3 mode buffer
    Mario> afterwards.

    Mario> But when I focus on a cell, I get a buffer where
    Mario> pressing TAB results in: ERror: No buttons or
    Mario> fields found.

    Mario> In addition, when in such a focus buffer, one
    Mario> cant focus on another cell.
That is correct --until someone writes some more code.

    Mario> Or do I get something wrong here?

    Mario> And I have another W3 related question: Is there
    Mario> some way to jump to the next heading in a long
Hit 'j' to first create the table of contents --this will
     let you pick a section by title --once you've
     done this, then M-p and M-n will navigate through
     the structure.
    Mario> html document?

    Mario> -- CYa, Mario <mlang@delysid.org> Homepage(s):
    Mario> http://delysid.org | http://piss.at/

    Mario> "I don't think so," said Ren'e Descartes.  Just
    Mario> then, he vanished.

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