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Emacspeak and Handhelds

OUCH --wouldn't run WINCE. 
you would be better off pursuing Linux on  a hand-held.
>>>>> "Bryan" == Bryan Smart <brsmart@mindspring.com> writes:

    Bryan> Some of you may be familiar with the current
    Bryan> situation of speech access to PDAs.  Neither the
    Bryan> PalmOS or Windows CE OSes are currently able to
    Bryan> provide enough functionality to host a screen
    Bryan> reader.  In fact, most Palms lack acceptable
    Bryan> sound hardware.  Products like the BrailleNote
    Bryan> from Humanware use CE as a platform, but run a
    Bryan> speech-enabled application on the OS that
    Bryan> provides a static set of limited PDA functions.

    Bryan> There has recently been a release of Emacs 20.7
    Bryan> for a few Windows CE handhelds, including the HP
    Bryan> Journada (which has a keyboard).  While we may be
    Bryan> stuck with using speech-enabled applications on
    Bryan> mainstream handhelds, I believe that Emacs would
    Bryan> provide a far superior PDA interface over
    Bryan> packages like the BrailleNote's KeySoft software.

    Bryan> Here is the URL to Emacs for CE:
    Bryan> http://www.rainer-keuchel.de/

    Bryan> Emacs is already available, Emacspeak could be
    Bryan> made available, but the final part of this
    Bryan> package, the speech synthesizer, may present
    Bryan> problems.  There aren't many software-based
    Bryan> synthesizers available that could yield the type
    Bryan> of customizable speech that we're accustomed to
    Bryan> with the DECtalk, and none of them are currently
    Bryan> free (to my knowledge).  ETI Eloquence claims
    Bryan> that their synth will be available for CE
    Bryan> shortly.  This should make it possible to carry
    Bryan> over much of the work that was done for support
    Bryan> of OutLoud, but there is no definitive info as to
    Bryan> when Eloquence for CE will be available.

    Bryan> Does anyone have an idea for a synth to use (free
    Bryan> or otherwise) or a better route to follow for
    Bryan> bringing Emacspeak to CE handhelds?

    Bryan> Bryan

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