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Re: Emacspeak and Handhelds

Raman says:
> OUCH --wouldn't run WINCE.
> you would be better off pursuing Linux on  a hand-held.

I'm not aware of many Linux handhelds at the moment other than the Agenda,
and it lacks a keyboard.

It is possible to run Linux on many handhelds that ship with CE, but space
concerns with the limited memory in a handheld lead me to think that this
may not be a good solution.  I believe, and I may be wrong, that CE is
present in ROM on these units, where as Linux distros would be required to
live in the 32MB or 64MB of flash RAM that is present on these devices.
After the addition of Emacs, software synth, etc, the available space would
be greatly reduced, though it would still be far superior to note takers
from Blazy (Freedom Scientific) or Artic.


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