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Re: Emacspeak Info ?

Alex -

It should not matter whether a .info file is compressed.

In emacs, you can specify the file location by typing C-u first: 
   C-u C-h i /path/to/file

Eventually, I suggest you move the emacspeak.info file to whereever
the rest of the .info files are, then edit the "dir" file in that
directory and add an entry to point to it.

	- Jim Van Zandt

p.s. This is the kind of thing a good distribution takes care of :-)

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>Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2001 08:34:17 -0800
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>Hi there,
>I use emacspeak-13.0. I just installed it. I am an experienced emacs
>user. But I want to learn all of the emacspeak commands. I thought 
>that emacspeak-info would be a good place to go to.
>Unfortunately when I click on it underneath is empty.
>My emacs info has everthing in .gz format in 
>"/usr/share/emacs/info" and my emacspeak info
>is in "/usr/info", and it is not in .gz format.
>Can anyone suggest a remedy?
>Thanks in advance!
>Alex Katebi
>Work (978) 288-6286
>Home (781) 416-3543

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