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Accessibility Industry Organization Formed

The following may be of interest. I particularly hope that any developing
accessibility applications for Linux/Unix would join this organization.
Let's not let them get away with a Windows centric bias!

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  Dear Colleagues

  Date:  February, 2001

  RE: International Coalition of Access Engineers and Specialists (ICAES)
formed by
  former Association of Access Engineering Specialists (AAES) Board of

  On November 9, 2000 after serious consideration and negotiation, the
Board of
  of the Association of Access Engineering Specialists (AAES) voted (9_1),
industry and
  consumer representatives alike, to leave NARTE.   This group has now
formed a
  freestanding organization called the International Coalition of Access
Engineers and
  Specialists (ICAES).

  This new organization is based on collaboration among the different
individuals and
  groups working in this area including industry, consumer, research,
government and
  public sectors.    It will also work to bridge the efforts of these
groups in

  Goals and Activities

  ICAES is an organization of individuals and organizations dedicated to
  developing and deploying accessible technologies.  Our activities and goals

       creating a body of knowledge for the design, development and deployment
     accessible electronic information and telecommunication technologies;

       encouraging the development of techniques and standards, where
appropriate, to
     promote accessibility, compatibility, and interoperability;

       providing a forum for discussions regarding access_related problems,
     recommendations and solutions;

       supporting an ongoing and international dialog among the disability,
     industry, government and public sectors regarding the accessibility of
     telecommunications, electronic and information technology,  and;

       supporting forums and groups that pursue these goals

  Open to All

  ICAES is open to all, and we invite those who belonged to AAES as well as
  interested in this area to join with us in creating this new
organization. To
  membership in ICAES, and since many have just paid their AAES dues, we will,
for an
  inaugural period only, provide a complimentary membership for anyone
  new members) who is interested in joining.  To take advantage of this offer,
send an e_
  mail with your name, contact information to our secretary Jim Tobias
  tobias@inclusive.com by April 15, 2001 or see our Web site
http://www.icaes.org  .

  Upcoming Activities

  We have an active year laid out before us.  A primary goal at this point is
to identify and
  disseminate ways to help improve access to mainstream technology by persons
  disabilities in a commercially practical and effective manner.   In carrying
out these
  activities, we will continue to maintain a balanced representation of
industry, consumers,
  and resarchers.

  ICAES will be sponsoring or collaborating with other groups on the following

            Workshops being conducted by our members and collaborators on
       practical accessible design of information and telecommunication

            Support of the ANSI / ISO efforts RE: Guidelines For
Standardization To
       Address The Needs Of Older Persons And People With Disabilities

            Collaboration on briefing session in Washington DC on Section 508
       and resources.

            A hot tips newsletter for keeping track of the latest information
and opportunities
       that will be available via email or print.

            Special "Birds of a Feather" information and collaboration
at major
       professional conferences.

            Technology, regulation and resource briefing sessions at major

            A resource website on practical accessible design.

            Support and collaboration on several projects with others on
development of
       accessibility metrics and testing.

            More in the works .

  It is an important time for us to work together internationally to address
the design of
  new and emerging technologies and to help harmonize both the access efforts
  requirements in this area.   We are looking forward to working with you on
this in order
  to improve access for everyone to future telecommunication and information

  For further information on our organization, activities and calendar please
see our
  website at   http://www.icaes.org .


  The ICAES Board of Directors

  Current board members and email addresses:

  Judy Brewer     _  jbrewer@w3.org
  Christian Buehler    _ Cb@ftb_volmarstein.de
  Alexandra Enders    _ enders@selway.umt.edu
  Gunnar Hellstrom    _ gunnar.hellstrom@omnitor.se
  Steve Jacobs    _ steve.jacobs@ncr.com
  Bill LaPlant     _  blaplant@census.gov
  Linda Nelson    _ linda.nelson@verizon.com
  Susan Palmer     _ susan.palmer@cingular.com
  Mike Patrick    _mike.patrick@cingular.com
  Paul Schroeder     _ pws@afb.net
  Jim Tobias     _ tobias@inclusive.com
  Gregg Vanderheiden     _ gv@trace.wisc.edu

  Please feel free to contact any or all of us directly or through our
Secretary, Jim Tobias
  for information about ICAES or how you can participate.
  Jim's contact information is:
     Jim Tobias
     Inclusive Technologies
     Temper Complex
     37 Miriam Drive
     Matawan, NJ  07747
     email: tobias@inclusive.com
     voice and TTY: 732_441_0831
     fax: 732_441_0832

				Janina Sajka, Director
				Technology Research and Development
				Governmental Relations Group
				American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)

(202) 408-8175

The invention of the printing press has been named the crowning achievment
of the past millenium. Yet, electronic publishing will soon eclipse it.
Read our White Paper: "Surpassing Gutenberg" available at:


Are you developing software? Make it accessible to blind computer users.
Read http://www.afb.org/technology/accessapp.html to learn how.

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