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Sound problem

Hi friends
   i am a new member to this list.my name is Prasad Chaturvedula.
    i installed the Red Hat Linux 6.0 recently.i am trying to make emacspeak work on my machine.but i am facing lot many problems.
1.i had problem configuring my sound card.my sound card is YAMAHA DS-XG.the driver for this is not available in my kernel.it seems ,i need to have the 2.2.18 or 2.4.0 kernel.so i cannot start using emacspeak right now.do i need to download the whole kernel or can i do something like an upgrade?also where are these downloads available?
2.where can i find the rpm packages for packades ppp and mtools?
3.where will i find the Linux version of the Via Voice Outloud synth?
 forgive me for the questionnaire format.but i wanted to be as clear as possible.Thank you.  

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