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Re: Sound problem

Hi Bryan
    thank you for the info.i could find the RPMs on my cd.i will investigate the sites you mentioned for the drivers.do you have any idea about which version of the kernel is being shipped withRHL 7.0?and how do i  find which kernel has been shipped with my distribution?
thank you.
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From: Bryan Smart
To: C.L.N.Prasad
Sent: Sunday, February 25, 2001 10:41
Subject: RE: Sound problem

First, you are running an older version of Red Hat Linux.  You should upgrade to a newer version if possible.  You can get one from ftp://ftp.redhat.com.
See www.opensound.com for commercial drivers for many popular sound cards that aren't supported in the standard kernels.
The PP and Mtools RPMs should be included with your distribution.  On the RH CD, these are typically found under RedHat/RPMS (I think).  Anyway, if you get a complete distribution, you should have them.
The Emacspeak distribution contains instructions on how to download and install ViaVoice.  See linux-outloud/notes in the Emacspeak directory.

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