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Linux Accessibility Conference: Schedule as of 2.28.01

Dear All,
     This schedule is not set in stone, but thanks to
the assistance of various individuals (especially
Aaron Leventhal), it is approaching its final form. 
The one part of the schedule where we need particular
assistance is finding corporate representatives for
the second day.  If you have contacts at companies
such as Compaq, HP, or other relevant businesses,
please contact me (JP Schnapper-Casteras,
jpsc@users.sourceforge.net, 206-849-9048) as soon as
possible.  Feel free to forward this message to
friends, colleagues, or appropriate mailing lists. 


--JP Schnapper-Casteras
Organizer of the Linux Accessibility Conference
Founder and Co-Admin of Project Ocularis

Linux Accessibility Conference: Schedule as of 2.28.01
Thursday, March 22:

9:00-9:30 AM: Meet, Greet, and Sign in

Introduction and Inspiration

9:30-9:45: Why are we here? (Part I)
9:45-11:00: Speeches and Demonstrations
	Speeches by Alan Black and Judy Brewer
	Demonstrations (e.g., Festival or Emacspeak)
Workgroups / Brainstorming Sessions

11:00-11:10: Break
11:10-11:20: What exists already? / From what are we
working? (summary of MSAA and JAA)
11:20-12:00: Universal Accessibility Standards
Workgroup / Brainstorming Session
12:00-1:00: Lunch Break
1:00-3:00: GNOME / GTK+ Workgroup
3:00-3:10: Break
3:10-4:10: KDE / Qt Workgroup / Brainstorming Session
4:10-4:20: Break
4:20-4:30: Mozilla Update from Aaron Leventhal
4:30-4:45: Report on X Accessibility from Dan Linder
4:45-5:25: Speech and Braille Workgroup /
Brainstorming Session
5:25-5:30: Wrap-Up

Friday, March 23:

9:00-9:30: Meet, Greet, and Sign in

Workgroup Reports and Interest Assessment

9:30-9:40: Why are we here? (Part II)
9:40-10:10: Reports from each workgroup 
10:10-10:40: Roles / Level of Interest of Corporations
(Part I)
10:40-10:50: Break
10:50-12:00: Roles / Level of Interest of Corporations
(Part II)
12:00-1:00: Lunch Break

Where do we go from here? (Flexible Schedule)

1:00-1:30: Part I: Our Vision(s) (Aaron, JP
Schnapper-Casteras, Jeff Witt) Development and
Commercial Potential, Universal Accessibility
1:30-4:30 Part II: Group Discussion (with breaks every
Items to be covered: Organization, Funding, Logistics,
Outside / Volunteer Participation, Timeframe for
Future, Who is agreeing to do what?
4:30-4:45: Summary, Closing

Cell Phone  -  206-849-9032
Time Zone   -  Pacific (-08:00 UTC)
Home Page   -  http://ocularis.sourceforge.net

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