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software dectalk for intel and strongarm linux?

Hi Folks,

I was sent this url by an emacspeak user (and list member).  I had not
been aware that there was a software version of the dectalk that was
out for linux on intel.  Anyone out there using the linux version with
emacspeak?  Raman, is the strongarm linux version of this product what
you use on the ipaq?

If someone is using this can we have a review please?  The web page
indicates lower processor requirements than ViaVoice as well as
multi-lingual support.

Here is the web page for the comercial dectalk as software package
that I was sent:


(Not the easiest sight to navigate with w3-mode and java is wanted for
some links - for example I still have not found a price listed for the

 Greg Priest-Dorman

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