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RE: software dectalk for intel and strongarm linux?

Short answer is it exists, but it is not available for individual sale.

I spoke with several people at force computers this morning.  They
currenlty are not interested in individual sales but rather sales in
large volumes to OEMs.  

They have a linux SDK for the software dectalk but it is not free.  To
get it you must sign a licence agreement that states that you will
send them their royalty checks each quarter (in quantitiy 1 - 1000
licences they get $100 each licence) or send them $1000 annually,
which ever is greater.  So, just to play with this product is a $1000
annual investment.  Oh well.  It sounds like this product is very
close to being a drop in replacement for a hardware dectalk, but not
quite there yet.  I gather it would need some development for that.
(Perhpas some code like is used for outloud?)

I refered them to the ViaVoice SDK model (free with no support to

They are checking to see if anyone already has an end product for
linux that would be a drop in replacement for a hardware dectalk.  If
so, they will get me the info and I will pass it along.


 Greg Priest-Dorman

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