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Hi, Dr. Raman and listers,

I'm working on Bilingual Emacspeak Project and found a conflict of
emacspeak code and another elisp package.
The problem may be the part of emacspeak-advice.el:

(declaim (special minibuffer-setup-hook))
(setq minibuffer-setup-hook 'emacspeak-minibuffer-setup-hook)

The second line seems to bind a function emacspeak-minibuffer-setup-hook
to minibuffer-setup-hook.

The conflicted package has the code like this in the function body:
    (setq url (let ((minibuffer-setup-hook (append minibuffer-setup-hook
		(completing-read (or prompt
				     (if default
					 "URL: "
				       (format "URL (default %s): " w3m-home-page)))
				 candidates nil nil default

In this form, emacspeak-minibuffer-setup-hook causes an error of
append() function: it must be a sequence.

minibuffer-setup-hook may be a list so I suggest:
(setq minibuffer-setup-hook '(emacspeak-minibuffer-setup-hook))

Best regards

                    Koichi Inoue, ARGV
                    E-Mail: inoue@argv.org
                    ICQ UIN: 74900690

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