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preparing process output for emacspeak-tabulate

I have a numerical programme which produces 2-dimensional arrays of
data, maps in fact indexed by latitude and longitude.  For a quick cut
look at things I'd like to browse them as tables.  At the moment I
don't seem to be making this work under either emacspeak 12 or 13.  I
suspect  my lisp wasn't up to sorting out the parsing code.  It
*appeared* that the code wanted a string followed by a white-space
character etc etc.  Also it wasn't clear to me the interaction of this
with syntax rules.  In particular I might have constructs like
-3.7e+11 -2.9 0 4. 
etc etc.
Now I can standardize all this, use fixed width   strings etc etc.  I
would just like to know which option is most likely to be helpful.  I
could also make the process output stuff in lisp vector syntax  if
that would help.  
One extra issue, although it doesn't seem critical, is that our silly
system outputs a header line whenever we run a shell command, that I
think I can work around though.  

thanks again
Peter Rayner

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