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Re: RAM needed for ViaVoice

Hi Tim
       I face the same problem. I have 64MB. Via Voice is working, but the
speech is not free flowing. It is
breaking up in the middle. It is reading only a part of the line and
synthesis is not proper. Sometimes it does not talk at all.  It just reads
three or four words in a line and then stops and there is a kind of
stammering sound coming out of the speaker. Then should i buy more RAM or is
there any other solution?
Thank you.


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> It will work with less, but the performance is not as good. I think
> IBM claim you need at least 32MB, but I found with only that much
> memory the speech synthesizer would die often and it was slow. 64Mb
> was a bit better, but I didn't get really good performance and
> reliability until I had 128Mb. I now have 256 and I unplugged my dec
> talk in favor of via voice.
> Tim
> prasad chaturvedula writes:
> > Hi Friends,
> >      Is it true that atleast 128MB RAM is needed for ViaVoice to work?
> >
> > Prasad
> >
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