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Re: dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: unknown output from ldd on

Mario Lang <mlang@home.delysid.org> wrote:
> Date: 01 Mar 2001 15:30:13 +0100
> Rob Cymbala <cymbala@lafn.org> writes:
> > Regarding yesterday's error messages when using alien to convert the
> > ViaVoice SDK into a .deb package... here is additional information.
> [...]
> >  It's odd that alien knows that the dependency isn't fulfilled and yet
> >  finishes by saying "successfully completed."
> No, thats nice, because it is indeed successful.
> As I did my conversion from rpm to debian (on debian sid (unstable))
> I had the same errors you have, but I was able to 
> use ViaVoice without problems. Except the slight problem
> that the install scripts of the rpm dont get converted
> to deb format (by convention) and therefore something (the ini file)
> was missing.
> -- 
> CYa,
>    Mario <mlang@delysid.org>
> Homepage(s): http://delysid.org | http://piss.at/

   Got your email.  That was just over a month ago.  I'm getting back
to installing ViaVoice TTS on debian potato.  Since it will work, I'll
do what it takes.  Janusz S. Bien also replied and also mentioned the
slight problem with install scripts.

Robert Cymbala     2nd email:  rCymbala@yahoo.com
cymbaLa@Lafn.org   GnuPG/PGP:  www.Lafn.org/~cymbala/pubkey.html

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