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Mbrola, was Re: RAM needed for Viavoice


I do use speech synthesizer Mbrola in conjunction with speech server
written by my friend Igor Poretsky (root@goga.energo.ru) in
c-plus-plus.  Speech server is based on tcl version of one. That
speech server uses special version of rawplay which provides very good
responsiveness, and also patched version of freephone.

Mbrola is free software and doesn't consume huge amount of memory.
Its synthesis is based on diphone database so providing high
quality. Intonations are somewhat poor though.

The speech server is somewhat crude. But it is usable. The main
advantage for me of that is a possibility to use russian
synthesis. The server switches automatically between english synthesis
via Mbrola and russian speech synthesizer. Such usage requires some
additional modules which are loaded over main emacspeak package.

Regards, -- Dmitry

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