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Mbrola, was Re: RAM needed for Viavoice

sounds interesting.
At some point you should package up your work and make it
available for others to use and improve upon.
>>>>> "Dmitry" == Dmitry Paduchih <paduch@imm.uran.ru> writes:

    Dmitry> Hi,

    Dmitry> I do use speech synthesizer Mbrola in
    Dmitry> conjunction with speech server written by my
    Dmitry> friend Igor Poretsky (root@goga.energo.ru) in
    Dmitry> c-plus-plus.  Speech server is based on tcl
    Dmitry> version of one. That speech server uses special
    Dmitry> version of rawplay which provides very good
    Dmitry> responsiveness, and also patched version of
    Dmitry> freephone.

    Dmitry> Mbrola is free software and doesn't consume huge
    Dmitry> amount of memory.  Its synthesis is based on
    Dmitry> diphone database so providing high
    Dmitry> quality. Intonations are somewhat poor though.

    Dmitry> The speech server is somewhat crude. But it is
    Dmitry> usable. The main advantage for me of that is a
    Dmitry> possibility to use russian synthesis. The server
    Dmitry> switches automatically between english synthesis
    Dmitry> via Mbrola and russian speech synthesizer. Such
    Dmitry> usage requires some additional modules which are
    Dmitry> loaded over main emacspeak package.

    Dmitry> Regards, -- Dmitry

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Best Regards,

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