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Re: Loss of w3

Hi Larry,

I know this sort of thing can be very frustrating, but we really need
some more information before we can even begin to guess at things
which might be causing your problems. 

I have also upgraded to emacspeak 14, but have
as yet suffered no loss of functionality - I still have w3 and all
the other things I had before plus the extra stuff in emacspeak 14
(most of which I haven't had a chance to look at yet.)

It would help if you can tell us -

1. How did you install emacspeak 14 i.e. from sources, rpm etc
2. What is in your .emacs file? Has it changed since the install etc
3. What sort of system are you running on?
4. What errors or messages (if anything) do you get when you try to
run w3?
5. What have you tried to do to fix the problem so far?
6. What version of emacs and w3 are you trying to run with?
7. What are the secret herbs and spices in KFC?

Can't guarantee being able to solve your problem, but the chances are
much higher with the right information. 

baggett@euclid.colorado.EDU writes:
> Hi,
> I have successfully installed emacspeak-14.0,
> but success also meant that I have lost the use of w3.
> Not only that, but I've lost the use of
> c-e?
> Any ideas about what has happened to me or how I can recover.
> It's even worse than that.
> I tried reinstalling emacspeak-13.0, and still I have lost
> w3.
> Thanks very much for any help.
> Larry Baggett
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