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Re: Loss of w3

          Hi Tim.

I have updated Emacspeak on sunday from cvs. It is version 1.24. After
that update I also have a problem using w3.
The error happens after retrival is completed. I am attaching
backtrace here.

Using Emacs 20.7-2, w3-el-e20  4.0pre.46-11
in the Debian system.

Thanks for advance,

>>>>> tcross  writes:

 > Hi Larry,

 > I know this sort of thing can be very frustrating, but we really need
 > some more information before we can even begin to guess at things
 > which might be causing your problems. 

 > I have also upgraded to emacspeak 14, but have
 > as yet suffered no loss of functionality - I still have w3 and all
 > the other things I had before plus the extra stuff in emacspeak 14
 > (most of which I haven't had a chance to look at yet.)

 > It would help if you can tell us -

 > 1. How did you install emacspeak 14 i.e. from sources, rpm etc
 > 2. What is in your .emacs file? Has it changed since the install etc
 > 3. What sort of system are you running on?
 > 4. What errors or messages (if anything) do you get when you try to
 > run w3?
 > 5. What have you tried to do to fix the problem so far?
 > 6. What version of emacs and w3 are you trying to run with?
 > 7. What are the secret herbs and spices in KFC?

 > Can't guarantee being able to solve your problem, but the chances are
 > much higher with the right information. 

 > Tim
 > baggett@euclid.colorado.EDU writes:
>> Hi,
>> I have successfully installed emacspeak-14.0,
>> but success also meant that I have lost the use of w3.
>> Not only that, but I've lost the use of
>> c-e?
>> Any ideas about what has happened to me or how I can recover.
>> It's even worse than that.
>> I tried reinstalling emacspeak-13.0, and still I have lost
>> w3.
>> Thanks very much for any help.
>> Larry Baggett
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The backtrace

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