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Emacs and Extended Keys like control+LeftArrow

A lot of the issue here isn't emacs so much as the keyboard and
terminal drivers.  My RH6.1 set-up came without the right alt key
active.  Jolly nuisance for an emacs addict that.  A line like 
loadkeys <<EOF
 keymaps 0-2,4-6,8-9,12
keycode 100 = Alt Alt Alt Alt Alt Alt Alt Alt Alt 

seemed to fix this.  I might say it took a lot of confusion to get
An important tool was the showkey command.  I couldn't run this
sensibly inside emacs so my usual strategy was to log in on another
virtual console, redirect the output from showkey, test a few things
then return to my emacs console (tty1 almost invariably) to
investigate the output.  
I suspect I was being typically inefficient about this, there were
probably predefined keymaps which did what I want (and probably what
you want too.  I should definitely look into this further since
current set-up has kp-5  working (as an old artic user I've bound it
to emacspeak-speak-line) but essentially everything else on the
numeric keypad folded into other keys, and they certainly don't send
the same scancodes.  Further, the very-window-centric  keyboard I've
got here has a crescent-shaped row of button-looking keys between the
normal and numeric keypad.  these generate scancodes the kernel
doesn't recognize
A quick manual read says I can fix that with setkeycodes.
I must say I found the number of levels in getting from my keyboard to
an emacs command provided both wonderful flexibility and spectacular
If someone finds a prewritten keymap which enables all these
potentially useful key-combinations, do let me know before I reinvent
it one line at a time ...
Peter Rayner

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