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Reading continuously

You can discover things like this by hitting C-h w 
type bookmark -and hit tab to see all the completions.
bookmarks are documented in the emacs info manual--
File: emacs,  Node: Bookmarks,  Prev: RegNumbers,  Up: Registers
>>>>> "Ann" == Ann Parsons <akp@eznet.net> writes:

    Ann> Hi all, OK, Raman, where do I find the info on
    Ann> bookmarks.  I have looked in the emacs docs.  Can
    Ann> you tell me more about this, please.  It would
    Ann> really help me.  I either need more specific info
    Ann> on where to look in the docs, or just a simple
    Ann> explanation as to how you would read a large
    Ann> document continuously and stop, set a bookmark and
    Ann> then return to the book at a later time.  If this
    Ann> is possible, it would be great!  I just need to
    Ann> have a little more direction, please.  Apparently
    Ann> the bookmark feature is not a separate section, and
    Ann> therefore it has no menu entry, or at least I
    Ann> didn't see one.  Thanks a million.

    Ann> Ann P.

    Ann> -- Ann K. Parsons email: akp@eznet.net ICQ Number:
    Ann> 33006854 WEB SITE: http://home.eznet.net/~akp "All
    Ann> that is gold does not glitter.  Not all those who
    Ann> wander are lost."  JRRT

Best Regards,

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