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I am an emacspeak newbie

Hello listers!

I am excited about emacspeak and emacs. I have been using linux for two
years with a braille display (PowerBraille 40). I use pine and lynx. As
well as trplayer and freeamp. But I am interested in learning how to do
all these nice things from the emacs desktop with emacspeak, so, I can use
speech and braille at the same time.

I understand the learning curve for emacs and emacspeak is very high. Is
this truely the case? Where can I get good documentation for an emacs
newbie. I am not familiar with emacs eather. From the menus (f10 key) it
looks like all emacs is is an editor. But, I know it is a lot more than
just an editor.

For instance, how do I invoke the w3 browser?

I tried to do a websearch (ctrl-e ?) and when I picked the encyclopedia
search I got error message that emacs could not find netscape. I thought
emacs used w3.

The Big question... Does emacspeak 14.0 use x-windows with xemacs? Or can
I run it with the no-x11 version of emacs (which I am doing) but do not
know if I have the full power of emacs. Is ther a taped tutorial for
emacspeak or a tutorial on .mp3 files or realaudio on the net?

Hey, folks, I at least got emacspeak to talk and learned how to change the
voices from dtk-exp to ViaVoice outloud (ctrl-e d d outloud crlf). I am
using emacs 20.7 (slakwre 7.1 dist) and emacspeak 14.0. I don't yet have
the midi running. My midi works but I haven't figured out how to install
the "stdiom.tar.gz" stuff yet. Oh, I compiled ok but don't know how to
build it into emacs.

Basic question... Someone please tell me what you did to climb the
learning curve when you first learned about emacs and emacspeak. Nothing
seems to be intuitive at all, unless I am missing half the pieces I need
to get it running. I need a good documentation source emacspeak and emacs.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, listers.

Bill Gaughan

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