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Re: i am new at emacs and emacspeak

          Hi Bill,

>>>>> "BG" == Bill Gaughan writes:


BG> Q. I cannot find a w3-fetch.el or w3-fetch.elc lisp file in the site-lisp
BG> directory. Yet, the command works. How come? 

Why do You think it should be a file?
Emacs commands are sort of functions.


BG> Q. Tab goes from link to link. But Shift-tab does not. How do I back-tab
BG> through my links?

Try `f' and `b' instead.
By some editing of ~/.emacs file You might also rebind the command,
say, to M-tab.

BG> q. How do I read a whole page and stop-resume speech in w3? 

Like in any other buffer -- C-e b

BG> I have noticed that the arrow keys don't work. they just go up and
BG> down in the buffer.  Where are the w3 keys documented?

Did You try `C-h m' or `C-h b' in w3-mode?

Regards, -- Dmitry

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