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X11 error message installing emacspeak

Hi listers,

Very Very important. I have a blind who wants to run emacspeak 14.0 with
emacs 20.7.2. He does **not** have X-Win installed on his linux 2.2.17
kernel system. Emacs runs fine.

Q. When he installs emacspeak "make config" works. When he says "make
emacspeak" he get an error message that file
"/usr/lib/X11/locale/locale.alias'" is missing. and make emacspeak fails.
I have X on my system. I didn't get this error until I installed X. But
emacspeak doesn't use X-win. So the quiestionis

Can we install emacspeak without first installing X-win? Or what is the
minimal X-win packages that we need to install to get emacspeak to
configure? Or can we copy '/usr/share/locale.alias" (a much smaller file)
to fool emacspeak into think we have X-win installed.

I thought we didn't need X to run emacspeak or to install it.

Please help. I have three people who will be asking me this this week
because they are all blind users who want to learn emacspeak.
Q. Somebody who does not use X-win. How did you install emacspeak and
avoid this nasty error message without having to install X-win?

Thanks very, very much.

Bill Gaughan

Bill Gaughan

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