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eterm running lynx and pine from bash?

Hi everyone,

I am running command c-e m-c-r to get to eterm from emacspeak. i input my
hostname as requested and emacspeak give me a shell prompt but "error"
without specifying what error. If I say c-e m-r instead of c-e m-c-r I
additionally get asked for my port number with a default of 2222 and emacs
will not let me connect.

when I use c-e m-c-e and get to the shell, everything including lynx and
pine talk beautifully. But when I say exit I get back to emacs but I can't
key anything and the message from emacspeak is "current buffer has no
process" I am left in the eterm host buffer upon exiting bash. I have to
go to another console to killall emacs.

how do I fix this problem. Lynx and pine and the bash shell speak
beautifully under emacspeak. It would be a shame to not be able to use it
in this way just because you can't properly exit the shell back to the
emacs environment.

Q. Do I need a shell.el file. I don't have one. What goes in this file,


Bill Gaughan

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