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EmacSpeak on IpaQ

Hi all

My  Master's Project this summer is on : Web Accessibility for Visual Impear
I will have implement create a speech synthesiser with EmacSpeak+Festival on
an Ipaq running under Linux.

The Ipaq I am going to use has a 64MB of memory and a keyboard. I may be
able to buy and add an additionnal 64MB memory card.
I know that there are special versions of Linux for PDA
(http://www.handhelds.org/) ! But I was wondering if somebody has already
get working on the IpaQ  :
a) Linux + Emacs
b) Linux + Emacs+ EmacSpeak
c)Linux + Emacs+EmacSpeak+Festival

If not, I would like to know if you think that all that could fit on 64 MB
(or 128 MB in the case I ve got the extension card).

I want to know as well if there is a Light version of festival.

Thanks in advance

Latyr Jean-Luc FAYE

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