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About dired and directories

Victor Tsaran writes:
 > Hello, listers!
 > I already received one private reply concerning this subject, but the suggestions I was given did not work. Can anyone tell me how I can remove directories inside the dired mode. The Dired documentation does not give me any clue, perhaps you will?
 > Best,
 > Vic

if the directory's empty, you can just delete it as you normally would
with any other file. If it isn't, you'll have to remove everything
from it first. To be honest, I cheat. I hit 
! <that's exclamation mark if you've got punctuation turned off> on
the directory, and type rm -rf  when it asks me what I want to
do. that does a recursive delete of the directory without asking any
stupid questions. Then just hit g to redisplay the directory and it's

I told you I was cheating, didn't I? There're probably better ways to
do it, but this is fast, works, and is kind of a habit.

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