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Re: X-windows and emacspeak

Actually, if you are using RealPlayer 8.0 you no longer need X libs.
Especially if you get Matt Campbell's "trplayer" interface from the
Speakup page at


Bill Gaughan

On 7 Jun 2001, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:

> Emacspeak does not strictly require X, but RealPlayer does; if you
> want to use realaudio, you need to keep the X libs that it needs.
> For other reasons (such as detecting that RealPlayer has expired and
> you have to get another) it is a good idea to keep a minimal X server
> on your machine, but you needn't install the full KDE or Gnome
> desktop, just the basic XFree86 and a simple window manager (sawfish
> is good).  There is also emerging support for screenreaders for X, and
> someday we may actually have some good useful GUI apps.

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