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Re: Word Processing Capabilities?

          Hi Bill!

>>>>> "BG" == Bill Gaughan writes:

BG> I was wondering if anyone knows of a good word processor program that runs
BG> in linux that does not require X-win.

I would suggest You to try LaTeX.

It is very powerful word processing tool if You want to create a
printable document.

BG> I want good cutting and pasting, blocking copying and block deletes and
BG> block moving of data.

You can edit TeX files with Emacs.  And, of course, it provides much
more functionality than only cutting and pasting.
Actually block operations are not needed at all when editing TeX.

BG> I especially cannot figure out how to turn on the word-wrap
BG> feature in any of these editors like pico, elvis, vi, joe, etc.

It is not needed too with TeX.  TeX does all necessary word-wrapping
and so it is sufficient to use, say, auto-fill-mode of Emacs when
typing in.

BTW, auctex is a great mode for editing TeX and it is on the list of
speech-enabled applications.

Best Regards,

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