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Re: Problems with emacspeak/bbdb/vm with emacs20.7.3: solved!

          Hi Cheryl,

>>>>> "CH" == Cheryl Homiak writes:

CH> That was veery interesting!  I added (require 'bbdb) to both .vm and
CH> .emacs; note that the ' is only done once at the beginning of bbdb and not
CH> after.

Right.  It is Emacs Lisp quoting.

By the way, using Debian You can easily install the introduction to
Emacs Lisp by Robert J. Chassell.
Just type

apt-get install emacs-lisp-intro

CH> This worked--though I'm not sure why it was needed as I had been using it
CH> before the upgrade without this line.

This call requires BBDB to be loaded.

Best Regards,

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