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Mandrake 8 and Emacspeak

Yes --emacspeak will not work correctly if transient mark
mode is on.
Newer versions of emacspeak explicitly refuse to turn
transient-mark-mode on for this reason 
--but mandrake is turning it on before emacspeak gets a
chance to start.
>>>>> "tcross" == tcross  <tcross@northnet.com.au> writes:

    tcross> OK, with assistance from Raman I have managed to
    tcross> get my emacspeak working under Mandrake 8 with
    tcross> auditory icons as well as ViaVoice. The trick
    tcross> was as I suspected to use
    tcross> emacspeak-aumix-multichannel-capable-p set to
    tcross> t. It wasn't working for me because I had an
    tcross> error in my lambda definition for the
    tcross> emacspeak-startup-hook.

    tcross> However, once I got that working, I had numerous
    tcross> other problems. However, I have identified most
    tcross> of them and thought I'd point out something
    tcross> which may be overlooked by new users to Mandrake
    tcross> and which causes problems with emacspeak.

    tcross> As a distribution, Mandrake 8 appears to be a
    tcross> lot more customized 'out of the box' than most
    tcross> distributions I have used before. While this can
    tcross> be great for the average user, it can cause
    tcross> complications for those of us who are use to
    tcross> less customized distributions and those of us
    tcross> who use less common apps like emacspeak.

    tcross> In particular, I had problems with emacspeak
    tcross> doing some weird things and not speaking buffers
    tcross> - I could get all the standard messages spoken
    tcross> in the minibuffer etc, and I could get lines
    tcross> spoken if I used C-e l etc, but moving around
    tcross> with the arrow keys etc didn't work correctly.

    tcross> On looking around the system I found that under
    tcross> Mandrake 8, emacs comes with a site-start.el
    tcross> file in /etc/emacs. There are some very
    tcross> interesting configurations in this file, but
    tcross> unfortunately some of them are not compatible
    tcross> with emacspeak. In particular, it sets up
    tcross> transient-mark-mode, pc-selection modes and
    tcross> modifies the keymaps with functions to make
    tcross> emacs more xemcas like. Once I commented out
    tcross> some of the suspect looking lines, emacs and
    tcross> emacspeak appear to be working correctly.

    tcross> Over the next few days I will look at this stuff
    tcross> more closely and see if any of these
    tcross> configurations are useful and which ones are bad
    tcross> for emacspeak users. I will then post a modified
    tcross> site-start.el file which others (both Mandrake
    tcross> and on-mandrake) users may find useful. I just
    tcross> wanted to provide this early heads up because a
    tcross> number of people have e-mailed me reporting
    tcross> problems gettting emacspeak to work correctly
    tcross> under Mandrake.

    tcross> For anyone interested, I'm running the emu10k1
    tcross> driver for the soundblaster live card and it
    tcross> seems very good. I have been told the latest
    tcross> version of Alsa's driver does now support midi
    tcross> and the emu10k1 developers are planning to do
    tcross> this with the emu10k1 driver as well. I have not
    tcross> tried the Alsa driver yet.

    tcross> Tim -- Tim Cross NorthNet Internet Services
    tcross> mailto: tcross@northnet.com.au phone: +61 2 6772
    tcross> 5973 mobile: 0412 969193
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