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Hi Ben --

Are you still using zenirc?

If yes, perhaps you can help me decide between erc and
zenirc -- originally I had used erc because it was newer and
as far as I could zenirc wasn't being developped further --I
might be wrong in the latter asertion.

After having used erc for a few months I looked at zenirc
again and see that it has considerably better scripting
features as compared to erc --something that should be
helpful in building custom speech addons in addition to the
emacspeak-zenirc you wrote.

On first flush, the one thing I missed from erc when running
zenirc was having separate buffers for each channel --how
much of an irritant is this in actual use of zenirc?

Finally --do you know if zenirc is being actively maintained?


Best Regards,

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