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Re: zenirc

>>>>> "T" == T V Raman <raman@cs.cornell.edu> writes:

    T> Hi Ben -- Are you still using zenirc?

I'm not Ben, but I use zenirc.  My short answer is no, I don't think
it is seeing much development any more, no, I can't figure out how to
get seperate channels in seperate windows, but I stick with it because
it already has a rich set of modules, and it was no trouble at all
to add my own outside-emacspeak voice support.

I tried ERC and found it too limiting; at the time, I was working for
a client who's developers lived on irc.openprojects.org.  Various
features such as auto-name completions and abbreviations were the
features that sold me on zenirc.

When I released my zenirc-speech module (it uses speechd), I sent a
copy to the maintainers of zenirc and received a nice thank-you
response, but I haven't seen any changes to that codebase since I
began using it.  The documentation on it is also pretty scarce,
set in its ways as a "read the source" school of documentation.

On the surface, though, I don't think there'd be any real obstacle
to creating a multi-window extension.  Since I'm also new to intense
use of IRC, I find I can't really track more than one or two channels
(and have yet to figure out how to send a message to another channel).

The only other essential missing feature, DCC, may not be possible
from elisp; more than once people have asked me to dcc vital bits of
code, and I've had to apologize and offer to email it instead. I've
also been unable to trigger opening a private chat; I've use this
in other IRC clients, and it could simply be a wrapper around /msg
statements, but in zenirc, it appears to be a manual thing.

Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@linux.ca>: office voice/fax: 01 519 4222723
T(C)Inc Business Innovations through Open Source http://www.teledyn.com
"what I need is a job that doesn't interfere with my work" -gary murphy

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