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A matter of documentation

Greetings all,

I'm working to help update the Emacspeak HOWTO, and I'd love your input on
a matter of documentation.

As you know, in Emacs commands use either the Control key or the Meta (Alt)
key, plus an alphanumerical key (or two).  In most documentation, these key
combinations are written as C-x C-s or some such.  Sometimes the command is
in quotes.  Sometimes it is tagged to be in a different font so that the
reader will know it is a keyboard command.  There are several variations.

What I would like to know is, what would be the best way to document these
commands so that they are clearly read by a synthesizer? From my
experience, typically something like C-x would be read as

(higher pitch to denote capital letter) c hyphen x

So, for a newer user, would this be clear?  Alternatively, I was thinking
about using something like

control c-x


control c x

Anyway, I was wondering what would be the most useful and understandable
format for these commands.  Any comments or suggestions you might have, on
this topic or any other documentation-related topic, would be very welcome.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Sincerely yours,

Jennifer E. Jobst
Linux Information Development
IBM Linux Technology Services
(512) 838-8298, T/L 678-8298

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