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sh runcmdlinespeakfile

If this gives you speech, you know that ViaVoice is correctly installed.
If not, you know your probablem has to do with ViaVoice and not
emacspeak--at least not yet with emacspeak.

One common error at this point is to neglect to get the appropriate
lesstif library--sorry I don't recall which file that is exactly, but I
know it's it's in a fairly recent message to this list, so you can look in
the emacspeak archive. Obviously, installing lesstif would do it, but
that's overkill.

If you do have speech with ViaVoice, but not with emacspeak, did you run
the emacspeak configuration script for ViaVoice? Find it in something line

There's a NOTES file there with instructions.

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