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Emacspeack & festival lite (flite)

Hi all

I have post this message for a while now on Flite-beta mailing list but it
seems to me that this mailing list is no longuer active.

I am trying to have Flite working on an iPAQ running with Familiar v0.4
Here are my questions.

1) Where can I find Emacs & Emacspeak pakages for Familiar v0.4 ?
I found some Debian binary-arm pakages of Emacs and Emacspeak at the
following links :

A description of the packages can be found at

I f someone has the files can I have them and tell me how I install them ?

2) I have download the beta file of festival lite
Once uncompress with bunzip2, I get a file flite.arm
What are the next steps of the install ???

3) Alan was planning to have the first release of Festival by this WE.
Does someone has any news about that ?
If it is available where can I find the pakage and the installation
procedure ?

Thanks for your answers


Latyr Jean-Luc FAYE
http://faye.cjb.net                         #L'AfroCelte
http://eaccess.rince.ie/_latyr/      #Reseach  on Web Accessibility

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